Most of my work starts at the seemingly random. It is all about triggers. Reactions. 

To me, art is language - full of complex wonderful dialects that share something essential allowing them to support conversations or create a dialogue. 

For me, it is a way to contribute my experiences, my thoughts, my essence that otherwise, I wouldn't know how to express.

Hi, my name is Yael and this is what i've done so far.





Bachelor in Fine Arts, Photography, 2004 - 2008

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jeruslaem , Israel


Student exchange program, Fall semester 2007

FAMU University, Prague, Czech Republic


First year visual communications department, 2004

Avni Institute, Tel aviv, Israel




Currently working at the capture department @ Channel 10 NEWS


As well as a freelancer in several fields [since 2008]:


Video editing

Graphic design


And as an instructor in various positions:

photography and editing instructor for children, senior citizens,

professional companies and everything in between


During that time, i've also been an assistant of:

Guli Cohen [ Fashion Photographer ]


Caduri Elishar [ Art & Stylist ]


I've also spent some time working in several production positions

on tv shows as well as student films.





B&W film Development and Print  |  Color film Development and Print 

Analog & Digital Image Capture  |  Film Scanning  |  Digital Retouching

Image Manipulation  |  Digital Output  |  Studio Lighting  |  Video

Editing and Capture  |  Graphic Design and Creative Expression

Silk Printing  |  Street-Art Techniques   |    Re-Purposing Materials

Sculpting & Construction   |   Sound Playing


Computer Programs:

Adobe Photoshop & Bridge   |   Various Digital Image Processing

Programs   |   Final Cut Pro   |   Premiere Pro